LA Times Crossword May 5 2024 Answers (5/5/24) - Try Hard Guides (2024)

Here are all of the answers to today's LA Times Crossword puzzle for May 5 2024 to help you finish it up!

By: Christine Mielke - Published:

Our LA Times Crossword May 5, 2024 answers guide should help you finish today’s crossword if you’ve found yourself stuck on a crossword clue. The LA Times Crossword is a daily crossword puzzle published in the Los Angeles Times, one of the largest newspapers in the United States. It is highly regarded by crossword enthusiasts for its challenging clues and clever themes. It is a traditional-style crossword, with a grid of black and white squares, and clues in both the across and down directions. The LA Times Crossword offers a daily challenge for solvers of all levels, from beginner to expert.

LA Times Crossword May 5, 2024 Answers

If you need help solving the LA Times Crossword on 5/5/24, we’ve listed all of the crossword clues below so you can find the answer(s) you need. You can search for the clue and then select the appropriate clue to get the answer. We have done it this way so that if you’re just looking for a handful of clues, you won’t spoil other ones you’re working on!

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# Clue
1A "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet" novelist Jamie
5A Low-end speaker
9A Emulate successfully
15A Cooling units, for short
18A One throwing out the first pitch?
19A __ research: some dirt-digging
20A Baseball level just below the Majors
22A Hall of Fame slugger Mel
23A Power line?
26A Parched
27A Two-time Best Female Golfer ESPY winner Ko
28A Leaf wrangler
29A Bewitch
31A Fright
33A Life line?
37A Like some candles
39A Home of many Goyas and El Grecos
40A "Fire" gemstone
41A Unlikely duo?
42A "The Boy and the Heron" genre
44A Gifts at some Honolulu hotels
46A The blue in blue cheese, e.g.
49A Party line?
54A Follower of up, down, and mid
56A Shake
57A Ireland, to the Irish
58A Like some adoption records
60A "The Matrix" hero
61A Train cos.
64A Prehistoric
66A Data on dashboards
68A Opening line?
75A Yoga asana that requires balance
76A MSNBC journalist Cabrera
77A Like this clue's number
78A "Am __ time?"
79A Require
82A High point of the "Odyssey"?
85A Meter or liter
89A Dirty
91A Time line?
95A Swap __
97A Room in una casa
98A HS course covering the facts of life
99A Curse
100A Guides with keys
103A __-panky
105A Writer of pastoral poems
107A Dividing line?
111A Didn't cook, but didn't order in
112A Totalitarianism, metaphorically
113A Villain's hangout
115A Rims
118A Relieved (of)
119A Shore line?
124A Female deer
125A Spring agricultural machines
126A Beauty spot?
127A "That could work for me"
128A "Weekend Update" show, casually
129A Restoration poet dubbed "Glorious John"
130A Headed to overtime
131A __ pool
1D Duck or goose
2D Comply
3D Consumer Reports tasks
4D "Merci" response
5D Social media annoyance
6D Goddess of love who had five children with the god of war
7D Fishing tool
8D "__ it to me!"
9D Old school crowdfunding org.?
10D Branch
11D Wee drink
12D Pitch
13D Mets slugger Pete nicknamed "Polar Bear"
14D Mocked
15D Vietnamese tunic
16D PC paste shortcut
17D Flair
21D Place for a spiritual retreat
24D Livestock marker
25D Successor
30D KOA option
32D Actress Russo
34D Mickey's co-creator
35D Brainstorming output
36D French wine valley
37D Go like hotcakes
38D Egyptian queen, familiarly
39D Gas, across the pond
43D Nintendo avatar
45D Snail mail need
47D Piece of cake?
48D Square peg in a social circle?
50D Durable twill fabric
51D Ward with two Emmy Awards
52D Director Kazan
53D Big name in car batteries
55D Snoopy
59D Heroic act, say
62D Tug of war need
63D Full of rocks
65D Genetic letters
67D Pop star Paula who was once a Lakers cheerleader
68D "Can confirm"
69D Noise made while playing with a Matchbox car
70D "__ Meenie": 2010 pop single
71D Regarding
72D Quaint baes
73D Two half hitches, maybe
74D Verb that comes from a corruption of the ballet term "chassé"
80D Mogul Carl
81D Former TV drama about SoCal attorneys
83D "How's it hangin'?"
84D Get in the middle of, in a way
86D One of Nolan Ryan's record seven
87D Currier and __
88D Words on a page
90D __ juice
92D Gran
93D Log flume, e.g.
94D Went up and down, say
96D Many a spring birth
101D Cut back
102D Machine shop alloy
104D Six-time NBA All-Star Lowry
106D __ van Beethoven
107D Supports
108D Constellation with a belt
109D Sound that comes from on high
110D Like some unkempt gardens
111D Garlicky sauce
114D Border
116D Flair
117D Ione of "La Brea"
120D __ velvet
121D Green Day drummer __ Cool
122D Channel for bargain hunters
123D "Gnarly"

The LA Times Crossword is a daily crossword puzzle that is published in the Los Angeles Times newspaper and on its website. The puzzle is known for its clever clues and challenging difficulty level, and is popular among crossword enthusiasts around the world.

LA Times Crossword May 5 2024 Answers (5/5/24) - Try Hard Guides (1)

The LA Times Crossword was first introduced in 2005, and has since become a beloved tradition for many crossword solvers. The puzzle is created by a team of experienced crossword constructors, who are known for their skill and creativity in the field of crossword puzzles.

One of the interesting features of the LA Times Crossword is its inclusion of a wide range of topics, from pop culture and current events to science and history. The puzzle is also known for its themed sections, which can add an extra layer of complexity to the solving experience.

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LA Times Crossword May 5 2024 Answers (5/5/24) - Try Hard Guides (2024)


Can I print the LA Times crossword puzzle? ›

Click on the word Print in the upper-right corner above the grid. You will be given the option to print an empty grid, the grid with the letters filled in so far, or the grid with the entire solution.

Is there a crossword puzzle in the Sunday LA Times? ›

Get new crossword puzzles every Sunday with LA Times Sunday Crossword! Follow for new mysteries, keep track of your records, and validate your answers anytime! Jump to a new puzzle with just a click, reveal squares, words, and even the whole puzzle not to leave anything unsolved!

What is the hardest nytimes crossword day? ›

The crosswords are designed to increase in difficulty throughout the week, with the easiest on Monday and the most difficult on Saturday. The larger Sunday crossword, which appears in The New York Times Magazine, is an icon in American culture; it is typically intended to be as difficult as a Thursday puzzle.

Is there a trick to crossword puzzles? ›

Tackle the easiest clues first.

Scan through the clues, and knock out all the easiest ones. Not only will this give your gameplay some structure, but also it'll give you an ego boost! Typically, fill-in-the-blank clues are the easiest. For example: “___ of Oz.”

What is the most used word in crossword puzzles? ›

Don't be intimidated by crossword puzzles. “ERA” is the most common entry in crosswords, as well as “ARE,” “AREA,” and “ORE.” If a clue is in plural, the word will probably end in “S.” “Cheating” by checking a letter or word is encouraged if you're stuck.

Does the LA Times crossword get harder throughout the week? ›

About LA Times Crossword

Edited by Patti Varol, the LA Times Crossword puzzle is full of music, TV, and film references. This typically themeless crossword puzzle gets harder as the week goes on. Weekday and Saturday puzzles are 15x15 grids; Sundays are 21x21.

Are crosswords good for your brain? ›

In fact, studies have shown that solving crossword puzzles on a regular basis can help improve your working memory, short-term memory, and overall brain health.

What is the best free crossword site? ›

Check out these 20 best online crossword puzzles to get started.
  • Merriam-Webster Universal Daily Crossword. ...
  • ...
  • Rockwell Museum Crossword Puzzles. ...
  • Crossword Puzzle Free. ...
  • The New Daily Quiz Crossword. ...
  • Mind Food Daily Online Puzzle. ...
  • Daily Crossword Puzzle From Vox. ...
  • Boatload Puzzles.
Dec 12, 2023

Is the LA Times crossword free? ›

Welcome to our free daily crossword puzzles. Follow the clues and attempt to fill in all the puzzle's squares. Check back each day for a new puzzle or explore ones we recently published.

Which newspaper has the best crosswords? ›

The 5 Best Newspaper Crosswords You Can Play Online
  • The New York Times Crossword.
  • The Los Angeles Times.
  • The Washington Post.
  • The Wall Street Journal.
  • The New Yorker.
Jan 25, 2024

What does eg mean in crosswords? ›

For example – EG (e.g., short for the Latin exempli gratia)

What is the hardest day of the week crossword? ›

The Saturday crossword is actually the hardest puzzle of the week. Mondays have the most straightforward clues and Saturday clues are the hardest, or involve the most wordplay. Contrary to popular belief, the Sunday puzzles are midweek difficulty, not the hardest.

What day is the hardest puzzle? ›

Sunday puzzles are sometimes asserted to be the most difficult puzzle of the week, but much of that difficulty comes from the larger size of Sunday puzzles, rather than the clues, the answers or the themes.

Is Sunday the hardest crossword day? ›

Monday is the easiest and Saturday is the hardest, with Sunday puzzles being larger and having the difficulty of about a Thursday puzzle. The biggest jump in difficulty is from Tuesday and Wednesday as the words get longer and longer and the clues get trickier. Hope this helps.

How do you solve the hardest puzzle? ›

6 Tips for Solving Challenging Jigsaw Puzzles
  1. Try from a different angle 📐 Next time you're feeling stuck, physically move your body. ...
  2. Work on a new section 🆘 ...
  3. Spend time separating the pieces ...
  4. Change your light bulb 💡 ...
  5. Call in reinforcements 👥 ...
  6. Take a break ⏸️

What is the fastest way to solve a word puzzle? ›

8 Tips to Solve a Word Search—Fast!
  1. Scan the Grid First.
  2. Look for Lesser-Used Letters. To find words in a word search quickly, look for lesser-used letters. ...
  3. Spot Words That Have Double Letters.
  4. Check for Interesting Letter Pairs. ...
  5. Use a Pen or Finger To Guide You. ...
  6. Pay Attention To Empty Spaces. ...
  7. Shift Your Focus. ...
  8. Take a Break!
Mar 7, 2024

How to beat crossword puzzles? ›

Focus on small (three-to-five-letter) word entries.

So, as you work more puzzles, you'll get familiar with the short words that constructors and editors use over and over. By filling these in early on, you may break open your grid and be able to solve a few of your more difficult clues.

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