JAGUAR TECHNICAL GREY MET (24-00-145) [WP-24-00-145] (2024)

Thanks for the advice re Winter Thinner. I don't use Rocket now and my wheels dry super quick and glossy all the time. - Roy, Gloucs, Wheel refurbisher.

The expoxy putty is absolutly brilliant, both for ordinary wheels and powder coating no popping at 210�C. Thanks for the advice saved a fortune on welding. - Sammy, Yorkshire, Powdercoater.

Just a quick message to say thanks. Used both products now and am really pleased with the results, far better quality than the previous supplier. Will definitely be using you all the time from now on. -�Adrian, Glasgow

JAGUAR TECHNICAL GREY MET (24-00-145) [WP-24-00-145] (2024)
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