How to Look Amazing in a Navy Blue Blazer (2024)

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You'd be hard pressed to find a wardrobe item as versatile as a navy blue blazer. We’re referring to the classic single-breasted navy wool coat with brass, horn or plastic buttons, of course.

When worn with the right slacks and shirts, it's ideal for work attire. For weekends, pair the same blazer with chinos and a polo shirt.

Rock Business Casual with Blazers

In the business casual office (or when you don't go to any office at all), the navy blue blazer allows you to dress respectably without appearing aloof. In a workplace dominated by polo shirts and khakis, men wearing navy blue blazers look distinctive without standing out for the wrong reasons.

Perfect Blazer Companions

Worn over an ecru turtleneck and paired with gray flannels, a blazer gives you an aristocratic and dignified look. When worn with a utilitarian white shirt and a bright polo or sweater, it gives you a nice, laid-back look.

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Wearing a navy blue blazer with jeans is acceptable and stylish; however, the colour of the pants and the jacket should be as dissimilar as possible. The golden rule for any combination featuring jackets and pants: If it’s not a men's suit, it shouldn’t look like one from a distance.

Brown or Black Shoes

Brown suede or any brown dress shoes match the navy blue blazer in versatility. Barring oxfords and wingtips, black shoes also go well with navy blue blazers.

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We recommend wearing patterned socks – checked, striped or argyle – anytime you wear a blazer. Socks inject a little colour and style into your outfit, especially if you’re not wearing a tie.

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Gray flannels - with or without pleats - are a gold standard choice to wear with blazers. Traditional khakis also play well with blazers, and they look fashion forward in colours like stone, hunter green and wine red. Wearing Cavalry twills provides additional warmth during the cold winter days; donning linen pants keeps you cool and comfortable on warm summer days.

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In addition to solids, a broad variety of stripes and checks mix well with blazers. The dark, solid fabric of the blazer looks good with almost any business shirt, and the shiny buttons balance the bold shirt patterns nicely. For a more casual look, opt for a long-sleeved Polo shirt or a turtleneck, depending on the weather.

Sweaters add Style

If you want to wear a sweater under your blazer jacket during winter, a cable-knit or argyle crew-neck will add some life to the outfit (especially if you plan to omit your tie).

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V-neck sweaters worn over ties can be patterned or textured; they could be solid as well.

Accessorizing Your Blazer

Ties and blazers must complement each other in sporty dressiness. Therefore, woven silks in polka dots, bold stripes, and knots of silk or wool fit the bill perfectly. Bow ties worn with white or complementary coloured shirts and blue blazers add a sophisticated look for those who know precisely how to wear such outfits.

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A harmonious pocket square adds a dash of style to a blazer. For belts, follow this tip: match leather to leather, metal to metal. In simple terms, wear a brown belt with brown shoes (although a different shade of brown is acceptable) and a black belt with black shoes. The buckle should be brass to coordinate with the blazer’s buttons.

The mix and match possibilities with a navy blue blazer are really endless. In fact,blazers are perhaps the best wardrobe investment for a man as they virtually double the choices he has each morning as he gets dressed. Blazers are dress code appropriate in wide range of situations and never go out of style.

If you don't own a navy blazer, or you feel your current one has outlived its usefulness, now is a good time to look for a replacement.Pop into our showroom where you'll find lots of blazer options from which to choose, and as a bonus, we'll even help you pick out the best ties, shirts and other accessories to make you look like a sartorial genius.

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How to Look Amazing in a Navy Blue Blazer (2024)
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