Every Movie Lindsay Lohan's Sister, Aliana, Has Been In (2024)


  • Aliana Lohan has steadily built her career in the entertainment industry, appearing in movies and TV shows, although often in guest or uncredited roles. She has been a supportive sister to Lindsay Lohan and has never felt overshadowed by her success.
  • Aliana made her on-screen debut alongside Lindsay in the movie The Parent Trap, albeit in a brief uncredited role as a child at the airport. She has also appeared in her sister's productions throughout her acting career.
  • Lindsay and Aliana Lohan had a unique collaboration in the music video for Lindsay's song "Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)." Despite not singing, Aliana's presence in the emotional video highlights the difficulties faced by their family during that period.

Aliana Lohan is the younger sister of actress Lindsay and the third of the four Lohan children born to TV personalities and parents Michael and Dina. While Aliana Lohan has not had as long and notable a career as her elder sister, she has appeared in a number of movies and television shows even if several of her roles have been in guest or uncredited capacity. The Lohan family has been in the news ever since Lindsay first appeared on-screen as twins in The Parent Trap. Since then, Lindsay has been in the media cycle due to several legal problems, but she began a career comeback in the mid-2010s.

Exacerbating Lindsay's problems was a famously strained family life. However, after years of tension, the Lohan family appears to have mended those relationships. In April 2023, Michael shared an Instagram post of his family gathered together before the birth of Lindsay’s third child. In those intervening years, Aliana Lohan has steadily built her career. While she may not have reached the level of Lindsay Lohan in her best movies, she has been vocally supportive of her sister and never felt like she has had to work under her shadow, via People. Aliana Lohan has even appeared in a handful of her sister’s productions since she started acting as a child.

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The Parent Trap (1998)

Every Movie Lindsay Lohan's Sister, Aliana, Has Been In (1)
  • The Parent Trap is available to stream on Disney+.

The Parent Trap is a remake of the classic 1961 summer camp movie starring Lindsay Lohan playing double duty in the lead roles. Hallie Parker and Annie James are twins separated at birth after their parents split up, who are sent to the same summer camp where they discover they are sisters. The pair decides to switch households in an attempt to get their parents to fall back in love and reunite their family. With an outstanding performance from Lindsay in her first role, The Parent Trap holds up well thanks in part to its screenplay by Nancy Meyers and supporting performances from Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid.

The film happened to be the on-screen debut of both Lindsay and her sister Aliana Lohan. While Lindsay plays the protagonists, Aliana only appears in a very brief uncredited role as Child at Airport. When Hallie (pretending to be Annie) meets Martin (Simon Kunz) in the London airport, and he tests her with their secret handshake, a woman can be seen walking behind them holding a child, who is none other than Aliana Lohan.

Life-Size (2000)

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  • Life-Size is not currently available to stream.

The Wonderful World of Disney is the umbrella title for the Disney anthology television series that began in 1954, undergoing many name changes. One of the made-for-TV films to come from this series is the cult favorite fantasy comedy Life-Size. Casey Stuart (Lindsay Lohan) is grappling with the recent passing of her mother and in an attempt to magically revive her, she instead brings a Barbie-like doll named Eve (Tyra Banks) to life. Casey introduces Eve to what being a human is really like, while Eve in turn helps Casey and everyone else she encounters overcome their individual problems.

Once again, Lohan puts in a heartfelt and funny performance at a young age, and Banks is memorable in an early film role. Aliana Lohan appears in an uncredited role as a young girl watching the football game Casey is quarterbacking. It’s a brief but enjoyable moment where a sibling is cheering on her actual sister on screen.

Lindsay Lohan: Confessions Of A Broken Heart (Daughter to Father) (2005)

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  • Lindsay Lohan: Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father) is available to watch on YouTube.

Alongside her impressive movie career, Lindsay has also enjoyed success as a singer. She released two albums, the second of which includes Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)​​​​​​, a song she made after her dad Michael was sent to prison for a DUI. Aliana Lohan, herself a burgeoning musical artist who has released a handful of singles, appears alongside Lindsay in the music video.

Lindsay and Aliana play themselves in their bedroom listening to Michael and their mother Dina (played by actors) fight, as onlookers watch. Aliana does not sing, but her dance around the room has an emotional heft considering the very personal subject matter of the song. This was the beginning of the more public period of the Lohan family’s difficulties, and it's telling that Aliana is central in this video without actually having her own voice.

Mostly Ghostly (2007)

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  • Mostly Ghostly is available to rent on Apple TV+ and Prime Video.

Aliana Lohan appears as Traci Walker in Mostly Ghostly: Who Let the Ghosts Out?, an R.L. Stine movie adaptation based on his book Who Let the Ghosts Out? In the film, an aspiring magician Max (Sterling Beaumon) discovers that his house is haunted by ghosts, some friends, and some villains. Traci joins Max as his assistant during a final magic show used to trick the spirits into disappearing. Aliana is competent as the bubbly teen love interest required for these types of Disney films. It’s not a flawless movie and the subpar dialogue and effects can be distracting, but it’s still an enjoyable adaptation of the famed horror books.

I Know Who Killed Me (2007)

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  • I Know Who Killed Me is available to rent on Prime Video.

Once again appearing in a film with her sister, Aliana Lohan has an uncredited role as the younger version of Aubrey Fleming/Dakota Moss (Lindsay) in I Know Who Killed Me. In the movie, Aubrey is abducted by a serial torturer but upon her escape, she claims to be someone else entirely. The film was universally panned upon release for everything from the acting to the soft blue color palette. However, in recent years I Know Who Killed Me has gained a certain amount of cult popularity and positive reevaluation.

It was around 2007 when Lindsay’s off-camera problems began to affect her work. As such, the film provides an interesting time capsule with a former child star at the height of their popularity trying out something much more dark and adult. This subtext combined with the stunt casting of Aliana and the considerable violence and sex has managed to turn I Know Who Killed Me into something close to a classic '60s exploitation film transported to the 2000s.

Falling For Christmas (2022)

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  • Falling for Christmas is available to stream on Netflix.

After a hiatus, both Lindsay and Aliana Lohan returned to the screen in the cast of Netflix’s Falling for Christmas. In the movie, Sierra Belmont (Lindsay) is a spoiled hotel heiress who suffers a mountaineering accident that results in her losing her memory. She’s discovered by Jake (Chord Overstreet), the owner of a small bed and breakfast, and Sierra learns how to take care of herself while beginning to fall in love. Aliana has a small role as Bianca, one of Sierra’s stylists. Lindsay makes a triumphant return to the screen, and her central performance makes Falling for Christmas a joyful, holiday watch.

The Lohan family went through a long and public media frenzy for much of the 2000s, so it’s a relief to see Lindsay and Aliana in this film. Falling for Christmas is a warm and fuzzy movie with a lot of heart that gives hope to the idea that the talented Lindsay still has a career ahead of her. With Aliana Lohan finally having a speaking role alongside her sister after years of only cameoing in her films is an additional pleasant note.

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