17953/RoT: Secret Labs, Familiar Labs (2024)

RoT: Secret Labs, Familiar Labs
Date of Scene:20 May 2024
Location:Amalgamated Manufacturing Building, NYC
Synopsis:AIM hires the Wrecking Crew to lead a raid on a government lab. Members of the Avengers and SHIELD respond, as well as Kid Devil and Silana. AIM is partially thwarted as they flee with only part of what they came for. Cap makes a call to evacuate the building and its gamma reactor goes critical, but Clea contains the worst of the blast outside.
Cast of Characters:Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, James Barnes, Clea, James Rhodes, Kid Devil, Camille Russo, T'Challa, Logan Howlett, Richard Stadler, Silana Kines
Tinyplot:Reign of Terror
Steve Rogers has posed:
A warm sun shines overhead on a windless afternoon. Two large spaces of abandoned field flank the walled building and its parking lots to either side. A sign out front reading "Amalgamated Manufacturing" is as boring as the company name. The nearest neighboring buildings are far more than a stone's throw away.

Within the guard booth at the gate, the sun is heating things up again. The windows are down and within an hour, one of the three guards will probably make another comment about they should just go in together to buy a little air conditioning unit for the hut themselves.

A non-descript truck pulls up to the gate, stopping adjacent to the protruding guard hut and rolling down his window. "Got a delivery," he says with a nod of his head towards the boxy truck body behind him.

One of the armed guards sets down his cup of coffee and moves over to the window. "Papers and ID," he requests, while his two companions relax in their chairs.

"Sure, let me see," replies the driver. A burly looking man, he looks over at the things on the seat beside him. "Oh, yeah, shoot. Forgot it's in back. Yeah, got your paperwork right there," he says, gesturing towards the back of th truck.

The guard turns to look, but barely has time to gape at the sight of the villain Bulldozer charging towards the guard hut. He blows right through it, scattering it and the men inside it like so much debris across the parking lot behind.

The driver grins at Bulldozer. Dirk Garthwaite's clothing shimmers and mystically changes into the costume by which most people know him, as Wrecker, the leader of the Wrecking Crew.

He pulls the truck up near to the entrance. "Alright, let's get to work. Radio MODOK for our support. He's paying us good money for this research. Be careful you don't destroy it before Thunderball gets what we need!" he shoults as he bangs on the back of the truck.

The truck body splits along two seams and falls open to either side. Piledriver and Thunderbolt hop down to the ground, the latter already signaling on a radio.

Three platforms with gunmounts elevate from inside the back of the truck now it is exposed, spreading out slightly to cover different directions. Each holds a weapon that could be described as some kind of anti-aircraft gun. And sitting at the controls for each is a man in the yellow containment suits that are worn by the henchmen of the Advanced Idea Mechanics.

As the Wrecking Crew head inside, the sound of gunfire and things being smashed can be heard. Within a minute, three boxy-shaped aerial transports sweep in low over the city, each with thrusters located on the back and bottom corners. Two land in the parking lot near the entrance, disgorging more AIM troops who follow inside. One lands on the roof, armed men spreading out to cover the skies, while two other men begin setting up a device which starts cutting its way through the roof towards the center of the building below.

It doesn't take long for alarms to go off. People passing on the street stop and begin filming on their phones, those feeds quickly making it into the TV networks who report the disturbance, and replay an image of the Wrecking Crew entering the building, and one of the AIM transports touching down.

On frequencies used by SHIELD and the Avengers in particular, assists are sent out to help stop an attack on what is just identified as a 'government facility'.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Two quinjets arrive on scene at about the same time, one coming from the Triskelion and the other from Avengers Mansion.

No sooner do they enter the airspace near the Amalgamated Manufacturing building, than the three weapons platforms on the back of the truck open fire on them.

"Hang on!" Captain America says as he banks the Avenger's quinjet sharply. The SHIELD jet banks the other direction, making the weapons emplacements have to split up their fire.

"I'll make a low pass and everyone jump out, and then I'll set down outside the fence," Cap calls out to those in the back of the plane. The jet streaks down low, then rapidly slows as the back opens for people to make the 8 feet drop to the pavement.

Even as the maneuver is completing, the jet is hit by weapons fire, both from a platform, and from some of the men on the roof. The jet veers away, one engine sputtering, and lands hard outside the fence.

<< I'm ok, >> Captain America sends over comms. << Meet you all inside. Let's put a stop to this attack. Be alert for civilians in need of help, keep them out of the action. >>

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Having taken the pilot's position in the SHIELD Quinjet, Natasha Romanova has put it to hypersonic speed, going close to the ground to deploy SHIELD Agents. "Do not engage the Wrecking Crew in close quarters combat. They are extremely dangerous and durable. Standard issue weaponry will not be able to do anything to them, and they are experienced working as a team and well coordinated. Leave them to heavier hitters. Engage the AIM Agents at will and form a perimeter. The AIM Agents will be primarily present to slow down a response, deal with them quickly." With that, the Quinjet is arriving over on site, rapidly going into hover mode as it leaves a sonic BOOM in it's wake and stops within a few meters.

The inside of the Quinjet, which is soundproof, is protected from this. But what it will do is hopefully deafen anyone in the immediate area and stun them to give cover to the deployment. Natasha quickly thumbs over the hatch release to let the response team deploy!

James Barnes has posed:
It's game time. Bucky is arriving with the Avengers this time. He'd been hanging at the mansion before all hell broke loose. Is it any wonder that he stays home most of the time? During the pass over, it's the roof that catches his attention.

He may be jumping the gun just a little bit and possibly breaking off from everyone else a little too soon, but that's Buck. The fall from the Quinjet to the roof would likely kill most, but not him. He he hits the ground, one knee bent and his left fist taking the brunt of the fall. When he straightens again, he's already shooting - running and shooting and still not missing a mark, one bullet equals one man down. He doesn't speak a word, he doesn't order them to stop, he has no crazy battle cry. He may be Bucky Barnes now, but Winter lies just beneath the surface - and Bucky's let him out to play.

He's as silent as the nothing his targets hear after he attacks.

Clea has posed:
Clea's refusal to obey gravity comes in handy in these situations. When everyone gets to hauling ass off the Quin jet she's floating a bit Beatifically in the moment.

Once she's placed her feet on the rooftop though she dives right into action. Sending purple bolts of magic scorching across their foes. And thankfully missing her teammates!

James Rhodes has posed:
There are certain advantages that come when wearing a suit of armor. Those advantages multiply exponentially when that armor happens to have been designed by Tony Stark.

While a lift is already appreciated, James Rhodes -- War Machine -- bails out of the Quinjet before they actually arrive on the scene, taking flight through the repulsor powered system of thrusters arrayed across that steely exterior shell that wraps up the man within. Given his ability to take a beating -- or at least the armor that he wears -- few are better suited to take point, regardless of the weapons that AIM might be bringing to bear on the situation.

So as the Quinjets go into hover mode and start to deploy the passengers onboard, War Machine swoops in low, coming crashing down to earth in a sudden rush, that heavy metal denting the pavement sprawled out around the building with it's impact. Without waiting, those armored gauntlets lift and he sweeps a blast of repulsor energy around, knocking away little obsctructions like any yellow-suited AIM goons hovering nearby, clearing out the approach field for the others dropping in.

<< LZ is cleared, >> comes those crisp, clear words over the comm, that hint of military precision apparent even in his voice. << I've got the front door, >> he adds.

Quite literally it seems, as a moment later the next repulsor blast rips outward with that high pitched wide, slamming into the barrrier ahead and blowing it inward.

Look, he might not have a hotrod paint job, but the armor isn't exactly designed for subtlety.

Kid Devil has posed:
Kid Devil was at a S.T.A.R. Labs office across town, delivering a cup of fresh neutrinos, when his earbuds switched from his music for an automated alert. Things are going wild with police radio traffic, then breaking news reports. After commandeering someone's workstation to figure out where the action is, he ran back outside and started making his way there with a combination of teleport blips and gliding.
He doesn't technically have Titans comms yet! As he approaches the scene his comms chime with the alert broadcast to all civilians to evacuate the area. But maybe he can convince the AI he's here to help. << Tell them not to shoot the red guy! >> he urges JARVIS. << And plug me in if you can-- here's my key. >>
He finally pops into the air above the melee and starts falling, somewhat clumsily slowing himself down with those little wings under his arms to try making a soft landing at the perimeter. << Uhh, wow, this is wild-- um, what do you want me to do? I can try getting the people out... >>
Kid Devil starts moving in from the right side, more focused on getting to the building than on mauling the enemies. On the way he rakes his claws over their guns, though, to at least try disarming them.
Camille Russo has posed:
Camille works quickly as they fly in, Sharpie sketching familiar runes into gear and hands or whatever else she might be given permission to draw on. Protection, durability, a little shielding, a little luck, anything she can think of to give them an edge for combat. She is personally warded to the teeth and she's grateful for it as the Wrecking Crew is mentioned. As the low landing comes around her military training comes into play and she's following the rest of the group off the Quinjet without hesitation, taking a running start and a flying leap into a roll across the roof, gravel kicking up a bit and grinding into her knees and shoulders as she moves, 'locs swinging behind her. She stops in a crouch, gun appearing in her hands and taking a gut shot at the nearest AIM agent.
T'Challa has posed:
Black Panther is as stoic and calm as he ever seems to be, even when he's leaping out of the Avengers Quinjet to make an incredibly slow motion descent towards the chaotic madness that is already down below. A man not willing to waste precious falling time, a handful of small darts are thrown from the falling Wakandan, aimed at a collective of the enemy that happened to be gathered in a single cluster.

One after another is struck by these darts. Their bodies shudder for the briefest of moments before that fall into a pile amongst themselves. They continue to slightly twitch even while unable to function in any actual manner at the moment. There's a good chance that Black Panther's done something to their nervous system or whatever. Who knows.

Black Panther tucks into a roll to pick up speed upon his descent and unfolds when he's closer to his chosen landing spot. Foregoing the superhero landing that would be so much more stylish, his boots connect and he almost immediately springs forward-- like a cat-- to pounce into the fray of another cluster of bad types. No words needed as those sharpened claws on his suit seem to be doing the speaking for him in this particular moment. What are they saying? Something clawful, probably.

Logan Howlett has posed:
These days, Logan really doesn't like to do costumes, but when he's working with the Avengers it's almost mandatory. So he's chosen a classic in orange and brown, but they can't make him wear the mask, oh no. It hangs down on his back so he can set his old wicker cowboy hat on instead. Cigar, unlit for them who would claim quinjets are nonsmoking, sits between his teeth. He's here because the Avengers (I.E. Rogers) has agreed to help him find one specific individual... information for 'doing what he does best'.

In this case, it's jumping out of a god damn airplane.

With a grunt, Logan leans out the open hatch through which T'Challa just did a swandive. Hands on either side, hat instantly blown back onto the cord to hang, with his mask, on his back. "I ain't jumpin' out of this god damn airplane." Into the headset linked to the pilots. Who says something about 'he'll be fine', "Maybe, but how am I gonna tell a bunch of kids 'don't jump out of god damn airplanes', if they ever catch me jumping out of a god damn airplane?" The logic is sound, BROTHER.

So they quinjet has to take his old ass down there so he can do a much shorter combat jump. One that doesn't require a combat roll. Once he's in dirt side, he rubs at his bearded jaw and tosses the nub of a cigar down into the gravel. He's got a bit of a jog ahead of him, but at least, however. Quinjet wasn't going to land right in the middle of combat, that'd be insanity. Just to save the knees of a guy with one of the most powerful healing factors on the planet? Fat chance.

Richard Stadler has posed:
There were actions of daring do, going around and leaping hot into the middle of the fray from the Quinjet, directly into the Melee on the ground, taking care of AIM agents on the ground in a fit of blockbusting action.

Honestly, did people ever consider what jumping out of those things regularly did to the knees in the long run? The back? It was bad enough trying to land in a parachute and not break both legs. Honestly, that sort of stuff could be left for the youngin's.

It was why Rick preferred to get dropped off a block away, in the buildings before the fields and parking lots, where there was cover. Perhaps it wouldn't work as well without the bravery of those dropping right into the action, but thankfully they were, and the people that were fighting them might have a bit of tunnel vision on what they were dealing with. And that ack-ack emplacement was probably looking to swat the quinjet out of the sky.

Which meant it probably wasn't looking toward the building and watching the man with the gas mask and olive drab BDU's step out from an alley, look behind him briefly, yell 'Blastback clear!' and send a Gutav's 84 millimeter recoilless rifle shell toward the truck itself. HEDP, but really, how much armor did a truck like that have? At the very least, the explosion was going to rattle their cages, if the spall damage didn't turn anyone inside to paste, before the smoke grenades were chucked out to the field in front of him, and Stadler, sighing, grabbed his rifle and sprinted across dangerously open space.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Once the quinjets have delivered their passengers, those along the front edges of the room open fire on the approaching heroes.

Other of the AIM troops move to attack the Winter Soldier. One of the two men burning their way through the roof with some large backpack lasers points over to Bucky and yells from beneath his mask, "We're almost through, stop him!"

AIM soldiers on the roof begin firing at Clea. Her magic bolt flies back, hitting one of him and knocking him off his feet and making him slide a few feet before coming to a stop. The man beside him turns to see what happened and then unloads his clip before retreating towards those who are steadily burning a hole into the roof. They finish as there's a crash as the section of roof a good three meters across falls in and crashes into the room below. A few of the soldiers stay there to fire at Clea and Bucky, while others touch a stud on belts they are wearing, and jump into the hole.

War Machine comes zooming in, and the large emplacements turn to blaze away at him. The bullets ping off his armor, the caliber heavy enough to be worrisome. Before he need worry about them though, Richard Stadler's fire comes down on the truck, blowing it apart. The men manning the weapons go flying and end up groaning on the ground, those still conscious enough to move.

The mellifluous voice of JARVIS replies to Kid Devil, <<Patching you into the Avengers and SHIELD frequency, Kid Devil of the Titans.>> A moment after that, a more human if less cultured voice adds, <<We're glad to have you, Kid Devil. Help any civilian you can. Take out any of the AIM soldiers that you're able,>> Captain America responds. Someone outside, like Logan, might see him leap over the fence like he were hurdling it. "Come on old friend!" Steve yells at Logan. Running straight for the building, Steve Rogers leaps at a window, shield in front of him. Though it's more reinforced than normal glass, he still smashes through it enter from a different route as the rest.

Camille lands on the roof and comes up firing. She hits the AIM soldier, the man flopping to the ground in his yellow hazard suit. About then is when War Machine blows open the front of the building below, revealing hallways within. Down at the next set of junctions, AIM soldiers are leaning out, ready to fire lasers and conventional guns. And Piledriver lets out a snorting laugh. "And I thought this was going to be milk run!" he yells, slamming a fist into his other hand as if in anticipation of it landing on a superhero instead.

Black Panther takes out the last squad on the ground outside and jumps forward into other AIM troops are trying to fall back to the hallway junctions. A few of them cry out in pain. Their compatriots down the hallway open fire on Black Panther, his vibranium habit glowing purple wherever a bullet hits, the energy gradually storing up inside his costume.

A man wearing a white lab coat lets out a yell and tries to run down the hallway. A bullet hits him in the leg and he tumbles to the ground, trying to crawl and scramble while bullets and lasers targeting the heroes zip over his head.

James Barnes has posed:
Most people, at least those that have heard of him, wouldn't stick around with the dead of Winter about to run right up their asses. These goons have apparently not heard of him or they're just too stupid and fanatical to care. Bucky is fast, he's silent, he's laser focused and it seems nothing is going to stop him from clearing that roof. Dude's trying to make a hole where one shouldn't be, that's never a good thing.

He ducks and rolls under one of Clea's beams when it comes just a hair too close for comfort. It doesn't stop him, doesn't even slow him down. He probably won't even remember it when it's all said and done. He's on his feet and running again in the blink of an eye.

He's silent over the comms as well, but that's something people should be used to by now if they've worked with him before. He'll respond if needed, but otherwise, he's a one man act.

Firing off a few more shots while he gains ground on the spot where that hole is threatening to happen, he takes down two more - two shots, two kills. He's not holding back, he's not shooting to wound like others might.

Once Bucky's too close to fire efficiently, he takes things in hand, literally. The first foolish enough to rush him is snatched speed that's surprising even to those that know him. Holding his enemy by the throat, he spins - putting the man between him and an onslaught of bullets from another - one makes bullet hits its mark, searing flesh as it rips through Bucky's right shoulder - it only serves to piss him off.

He tosses aside the limp body in his hand. And now he growls. It's a predatory sound, one reminiscent of a jungle cat ready to pounce from the tree tops. There's nothing but danger in that sound, that sound isn't a threat of death, it's a promise. Four, five, six strides, bullets blocked and bouncing off the palm of his left hand and Bucky's there - along with that promise of a quick death. The sound of snapping bones accompanies the left hook to the hapless fool's jaw.

...and then the damned hole is there anyway. How did he miss that? Bucky grumbles, it's more a growl again than an actual grumble, but the difference in tone is important. Without so much as a thought given, he runs and takes a blind faith leap right down into that hole behind the enemy. Better move fast fellas, death's knocking at the back door.

It's a good thing too, because where there once stood a Bucky, there's now a seared patch of roof that's spreading into a large crack. If Bucky hadn't been /Bucky/ and followed his prey like a stalking lion, he might be in two pieces up there by now.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
With the team deployed, the SHIELD Quinjet is put into stealth mode and then autopilot to disengage. Natasha goes to then move to dart down and slide along, moving to load up two pistols and then is moving to try and bypass the entire melee outside if she can. Keeping close to the ground, and hopefully unnoticed as she would head along in as best she could. Leaving the others to handle circ*mstances outside.

AIM were after the individuals or projects inside the building, after all. Natasha goes to speak quietly into the comms synced p to the SHIELD Network in encrypted mode. <<Breaching interior. Command, ensure that all outside network access is blocked>> Hopefully they could block out all communications - like a wide angle Farraday Cage. It probably couldn't jam communications, but if they could scrounge up enough network bandwidth AIM couldn't just download and transmit the data, and would have to physically secure it and depart, which would slow them up.

And then she's darting past the melee, past some of the holes already made by the breakin, and she's heading into the interior, just simply avoiding everyone and everything on the way.

James Rhodes has posed:
Given that it is not just hostiles on scene, War Machine does not simply let loose as he advances, as implacable as a vaguely human-sized tank. With the door blown open -- what remains of it swaying and dangling where it is still intact at all -- he continues to stride across that open space leading up to the entrace, content to draw fire away from other, more vulnerable targets.

"Suit integrity at ninety-two percent" that faintly musical but not quite lifelike voice chimes within the armored confines of the suit and Rhodey's mouth settles into a thin line as those high calibre rounds ping off the heavily armored exterior of War Machine. "Continuing monitoring, giving me an update when integrity reaches fifty percent," he says quietly, continuing that inevitable advance.

That advance does quicken once that fleeing scientist comes into view, racing for the open doorway. Lifting off the ground, if only by a few inches, War Machine begins to soar forward, those repulsors starting to grow more brightly on the sores of those armored feet and in the palms of the gauntlets.

But long before he can finish closing that distance the man goes down, crying out, and the intensity coming off those repulsor pads grows even more apparent. Racing forward, Rhodey imposes himself between the fire and the fallen figure even as that mounted chain gun springs up menacingly, perched on one shoulder.

It is, as much as anything, a bluff. Instead of immediately opening up and risk hitting innocent bystanders, the armroed figure lets that heavy gun serve as a deterrent as the HUD in his helmet begins to scan across the interior of the building, letting the AI software in his armored suit begin to set identity tags -- something made considerably easier by the fact that most of the hostiles are dressed up like yellow beekeepers.

Then, bringing those armored gauntlets up in front of him, War Machine lets the repulsors fire -- not in a singular line, but instead in a wave of sheer force that spreads outward, again looking to blow nearby threats away from him and the downed scientist.

<< We have a bystander down. Sending an alert to first responders, >> he says levelly over the comm.

Kid Devil has posed:
Kid Devil's skin starts to get hot enough to glow as he marches his way toward the side of the building. A couple of the AIM goons try shooting him with bullets, which melt on impact and drip onto the ground. One of them actually sprays him with a small flamethrower, an act ridiculous enough for the teenage devil to stop in his tracks and smirk at the guy through the fire. "Really?" he asks. "I thought you guys were supposed to be the smart ones! Give me that--" He yanks the end of the weapon out of the goon's hands and snaps it over his knee.
Resuming his march to the building he replies to Natasha, << Once I get inside I might be able to get some wide-band interference going. Gonna be tricky to keep from blacking out comms, but I'll see what I can manage once the civs are safe. >>
Once he gets to the side of the building he presses his hands against it and his fingers glow white-hot. A couple of firm swipes this way, that way, then he grabs at the molten edges of the brickwork and yanks a whole triangular section outward to make a new door. It'll probably even be safe to use, just as soon as the edges cool off from being magma-hot. "Is there anybody in there? Just wave if you can hear me! It's time to clock out!"
T'Challa has posed:
Black Panther stands up from the pile of AIM Bodies that he's just sliced and clawed through. His emotionless mask is just there as he tilts his head at the AIM Soldiers doing that thing where they shoot and retreat. It's a thing that he's come to recognize and why he just seems to be walking towards them without even a moment of hesitation. Bullets just smack into his suit, sending the purple rippling effect through the spot on the suit as the bullet falls to the ground and the purple continues to be contained and trapped within the suit itself.

It's almost stalker-y in the way that Black Panther seems to almost be hunting those AIM soldiers that are now on the aggressive back foot. His stalking steps speed up when the scientist gets clipped! A kip-step and Black Panther rushes into that hallway and dives into another leap, flipping to send his feet crashing into the chest of an AIMer and using their body to send himself claws first into the chest of another one. His boots hit the floor and he cartwheels over to reach for the scientist with one hand while slicing through a weapon from another AIMer.

For a moment, Black Panther stares at the AIM Trooper whose gun he's just sliced in half. The scientist held with one hand and then Black Panther nods his head in a direction for the AIM soldier to look...

at War Machine.

And as those repulsors fire off, Black Panther dives out of the way, yanking the scientist with him and out of harm's way.

Teamwork Vibes.

Logan Howlett has posed:
One might surmiss that Logan is somehow at a disadvantage because he refuses to leap from Quinjets, but that's hardly true. Point of fact, he can close a great deal of distance in a very short period of time, and come upon the facility by leaping over the defensive wall right into the fray on the ground. While it's arguable that killing a few AIM soldiers wouldn't cause him any loss of sleep, body counts add up, and eventually you have to check that ledger and decide whether you're /actually/ all that good if the (-) column is longer than the (+) column.

So he's going full nonlethal for the rest of March.

A kick to the chest here, a slash at a weapon there. A lot of throwing people against heavy, hard, objects: like walls. Now, AIM aren't playing by the same 'don't kill' rules, so they unload weapons into the Wolverine, jerking his shoulders side to side as bullets riddle into him. Wont jump out of an airplane, but also wont jump out of the way of automatic weapons fire.

Clearly the Wolverine has something against jumping.

He snarls at the soldier who just mag dumped him like a 12 year old playing Fortnite and cuts the gun in half with an upper slash of his left claws. Then kicks him so hard in the chest that (POW) literally appears beside his head. Right into a wall. Bleeding from several small holes, which are already starting to heal... pushing out the bullets buried in his flesh to rain down onto the concrete. Logan lifts his head several times, sniffing at the air.

Then turns suddenly and braces, claws crossed in front of him, a half second before Bulldozer smashes through the wall and sends the small Canadian flying amidst a cloud of dust, brick, and mortor. Logan pushes a chunk of brick off his legs after he lands, jumps up onto his feet and leans forward. Black/grey beard suddenly brick dust white. Snarling. Wishing he was a quipier hero so he could call this dude the Facebook wish version of Juggernaut.

Camille Russo has posed:
The growl that Barnes lets out sends a shiver down Camille's spine as she gets to her feet just in time to avoid becoming a pancake at the bottom of the fresh ventilation in the roof. She watches Barnes disappear into it, but she's done her heroic looking jump for the day and skirts around the widening cracks in the roof until she's at the door. Gun is briefly changed for a short crowbar as she pries the lock open, then switched back as she ducks while shoving open the door.

She's lucky at first, but as she gets closer to Rhodes and the Black Panther she comes under fire, runes getting a workout between dodging and ducking. The bruises are going to be terrible, she can tell already. Camille ducks into an office with a sturdy-looking desk, and trades her normal bullets for a clip that have been magicked to handle some level of armor, then moves to the next spot that allows for good cover and decent aim.

<< Point me in your direction Rhodes, I can help stabilize him. >> She's got some gauze in her kit and plenty of energy. If she gets there on time, it'll have to be enough.

Silana Kines has posed:
Chaos. Pure, Unwarrented Chaos. Silana slinks into the area, frowning slightly at the sight of the super battle. Especially the sight of the heroes, blowing doors down. Though, War Machine, at least, seems to be attempting to restrain himself, and protect the innocent. A few tugs, a few shifts of space and soon, she's garbed in a sleek, stealthy looking suit, complete with ninja mask, hiding her face. A few tugs, and she's got guns in hand, not that it'll do a lot in this chaos. She sees one guy lighting himself on fire, and War Machine spinning up the big gun.

"Stupid Heroes." She grumbles. "Stupid Villains." Silana holds all present in contempt, as she runs into the building, and is running towards the War Machine when he lets off a wave of force. Between one step and the next, she... flickers, slipping forward in an odd warping of space which looks almost like a heat mirage, as she appears beside an AIM soldier who is flying through the air towards a scientist huddled in a corner. Casually, she shoots the soldier in the back of his yellow helmet, no real hesitation in her attempted murder as she diverts him cruelly away from the scientist.

She kicks a window, shattering it, and motions to the scientist. "Get out of here." She says, her voice flat, cold, barely restrained in anger. It's all Chaos. And it will only get worse. Can she even help in here? Maybe she can save this one scientist, but what about the rest of the building?

Clea has posed:
Clea was not trying to hit Bucky. That would make her wish the ground would open up and swallow her. Not to mention the stern face she'd get from Cap. Oh no we aren't doing that!

But the lasers are another story. Clea's trying to trek the collapsing roof when one of the lasers manage to hit her in the back, her white hair and her jacket becoming singed in the assault. There's another bolt of energy thrown that way, taking out the one that hit her as she follows the others down into the building where the main fray has diverged to.

Richard Stadler has posed:
Smoke serves to cover Rick's advance... though it didn't seem like those inside could worry about a lone figure running to join the fight, that was no reason to not practice proper tactics. All they needed to do was get lucky with a well placed SAW and the ceramic armor over his chest would be tested in ways he didn't like. It was enough to reach the gate and the gun truck cooking off ammunition, move past it, and bring up the Mark 17, sending 7.62 rounds in single shot toward AIM center mass. And just AIM; there were bigger fish to fry here, but Stadler wasn't going to test if depleted uranium made a difference there. The rounds were rare enough at it is.

He moved and made his way to the front door, sweeping back to make sure the entrance was covered, before moving back to the door itself. <<Ingressing through the front. As a reminder, folks, look for NFPA diamonds. Anything with a number in the yellow and red, don't shoot it. Anything 2 and over in the blue, definitely don't shoot it and let me know. DOes anyone have any idea what they're producing there?"

Steve Rogers has posed:
Inside the building, Wrecker and Thunderball break into one of the more heavily secured labs. The door bends inward under the first blow of Wrecker's enchanted crowbar, then blows in too from the second.

They stride in with a few AIM troops with them. Various tables and lab equipment sparsely populate the sterile looking lab. Along one walls a large squat cylinder sits, green lights running up its sides, and traveling down immense cables that leave the devices to run off into other places in the room.

"This it?" Wrecker asks as he looks around.

Thunderball checks a device in hand. "Yep. Picking up low yield gamma radiation. This is it." He points to one of the AIM troops. "Get copies of their computer drives." Meanwhile, the villain, a noted gamma scientist, strides forward to look at a rack.

Dangling from it are a number of devices that look like half an exoskeleton, but just the torso part. A number of them have green lights, and one of those large powers cables runs across the floor before splitting into smaller ones that attach. "This is part of it, yeah," Thunder ball says as he examines them before pulling one down and adding it to a bag he has across his back. As he puts that way he looks over at the big cylinder with the cables. "Damn, a gamma power reactor. Wish we could take -that- with us."

"Focus on what we're here for," Wrecker reminds him. Just then the roof falls in as the hole is cut in the ceiling. It crashes down 20 feet onto a table, just missing one AIM soldier below. More troops jump in from above. Those belts they were fiddling with seem to make them fall slow enough they lightly land. They move to help grab things from the counters. Gizmos and devices, file folders, hard drives, whatever they can get.

Two others move over to a large box that looks like maybe it's some kind of fabrication machine, making other components. They start hooking up a harness to it, apparently hoping to remove it. Probably through that hole in the ceiling.

The hole that Bucky and Clea jump down through right into their midst.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Kid Devil makes another exit, which some of the people trapped inside are happy to use once it's safe to pass through. "They are going for the main lab, center of the facility!" one man tells him.

Similarly, people start to climb out of the window that Captain America crashed through. But not everyone is so lucky. Other people are trapped in offices and labs near the fire fight going on in the halls.

War Machine sends out a pulse of repulsor energy that knocks back a few of the AIM soldiers. "Gonna tear you in two, metal man!" Piledriver yells as he runs forward to engage War machine. The wounded scientist lets out a yelp, scampering away, dragging his leg as he crawls to get out of the way as Piledriver's enormous fists swing with the force of a, well, piledriver.

Black Panther and Logan both make short work of a few more AIM soldiers, before the X-man finds himself suddenly attacked by Bulldozer. Bands of metal about his arms and wrists to make the impact of his charges felt all the more. That'll leave a bruise. Until it heals in a few seconds.

Soldiers fall back before Black Panther, firing lasers and machine guns at him. Some fleeing lab techs come running down a hallway only to slide to a stop with AIM soldiers in front of them. One of the soldiers fires a laser that burns a woman's shoulder.

Another AIM soldier yells at him. "Damn it, Gary, watch your fire."

"I thought it was a hero!" Gary the AIM soldier replies.

"Does she LOOK like a hero? Probably has a son at soccer practice, and you shoot her with a laser!?" the other replies.

"Basketball actually," the woman says in a pained voice as the others help get her out of the line of fire.

The conversation is ended as Silana appears behind Gary and ends his time as a villain henchman. The AIM troops continue to fight, but fall back towards the center of the facility, and the lab doors that have already been blown open. The heroes continue to advance even as Piledriver lends some superhuman strength to the battle. AIM soldiers pull out melee weapons that crackle with electricity and try to engage the Black Panther, Richard Stadler, and other heroes advancing down the hallway.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
She's listening in and catching what Wrecker and Thunderball are up to. This she goes to send the feed alon gto the Avengers and SHIELD comms. She's managed to work her way over into the room that the two heavies are in, and when they've confirmed what they're after.. First, uses the flash of her optics HUD to take several pictures of what they're pursuing for later data analysis. Now.. Now, she has to stall them for the others to get in. That means remaining sight unseen out of the troops that are pouring in to get some shots on them. But, Natasha's not going for pistol shots..

Instead, she goes to take out two sphereical grenades. What SHIELD had reverse engineered of Trapster's heavy gunk - nowhere near as strong, but as close as they could get. The first is hurled towards the face of Wrecker, the next towards THunderball. If her aim is good, both of them would have heavy gunk all over thier faces, when they would yank their hands up to try and tear it free thier hands would get stuck.. But, both were far too strong for it to last more than a few seconds if even that. But ti's good for the chaos. And the Black Widow works best in the dark.

Shots aimed up over at the lights - not as useful with the roof open, but adding to the chaos. Then grenades hurled. Sonics, designed to deafen and disorient. A series of flashbangs.. All she has to do is stall the group inside for a few seconds. Enough to disrupt what would be a smooth recovery and turn it into chaos.

Kid Devil has posed:
Kid Devil salutes one of the escaping scientists. "Main lab, got it! Thanks!" He runs further inside and starts clearing the ground floor. He darts past the break room, then skids to a stop to peek in there, where he finds a few of the facility's staff huddled up.
"Oh, hey!" he says with a grin that, to a civilian in the midst of a sprawling battle, is probably not all that reassuring. The whole devil thing can be so ~off-putting~ sometimes. "Here to help!" he insists nonetheless. He turns and blows out a torrent of flame, sculpting it in the air to a swirling, burning vortex, then scraping out the middle of it to reveal a portal to the outside, over a hill just past the perimeter of the fight. "In you get, come on! It's safe, I promise."
Despite their well-founded hesitation, Kid Devil starts collecting them and (gently) tossing them through the ring of fire... to relative safety.
One more good deed done, hands dusted off, Kid Devil resumes his journey toward the center of the building. He turns a corner in a hurry and ends up teetering on the verge of the giant hole that's been bored down from the roof. "Some people just hate *stairs* I guess!"
With that he jumps over the edge and into much more serious danger. "Oh, uh, those guys are way bigger than the other ones..." he mutters as he looks up from his landing.
This was maybe not a great idea.
James Barnes has posed:
The first thing that Bucky falls across - literally - that he can snag with his left hand, he does so. It's not because he's afraid of a little twenty foot drop, it's that dangling there gives him the 'upper hand' for a moment or so. After all, he still has one hand to hold a gun - it's all he needs to spray a volley of bullets down on those that are probably still making their way to the ground.

After he's taken out several of them, he lets go and drops the rest of the way to the ground below. Once again, his left fist takes the brunt of the impact.

By the time what's left of the enemy team from the roof reaches the ground, their imminent demise will already be there waiting for them.

Standing tall on top the pile of rubble from the collapsing roof, Bucky picks them off one at a time as they come into range. Return fire from those that can manage the feat while descending makes a dent, but not a difference. One round bounces harmlessly off his left shoulder, another grazes his right calf and one more whizzes a little too closely past his right ear - yet he doesn't flinch, he wasn't trained to flinch, he wasn't trained to /feel/. No matter how much he tries to escape the cold, it always comes back in situations like this.

The sounds of the battle echo all around him, but those that dared come head to head with Winter are now as silent as a frozen tundra.

Rifle pointed toward the sky, Buck walks down off that mountain of concrete and steel. Blue eyes behind his mask are just as cold as the season that's become synonymous with the boogey man HYDRA unleashed so many years ago.

His head snaps to the right, attention drawn by the sounds of the walls coming down around Logan - but there are fish to fry right here, where he landed.

Now, see, Bucky isn't a scientist, he's not even close. Sometimes he still has trouble with emojis on a cell phone. Modern cars still fascinate him with all their gadgets and thingamajigs and never mind ordering food through a kiosk in the lobby of a restaurant. But he's alert, always alert - in the blink of a second it took for the rest of his fall down the rabbit hole to happen, he's assessed the threat in the room he landed in. Pretty certain that all eyes are probably on him now, Bucky lets out another of those growls. Not a scientist, but smart enough to know that it might not be wise to start shooting /in/ this room rather than up. That snarl of a growl is followed by one foot starting the charge toward Wrecker. That snarl is about as close to 'bring it bitch' that anyone will ever hear from him.

<<I think I found what they're here for...>> He mutters his location over the comms. And that's about the closest to 'could use some help' anyone will ever here from him.

Silana Kines has posed:
Silana works the edges. She's got few sh*ts to give about the villainous objectives, or even the heroic ones. "Are you ok?" She grunted to the woman who was shot, making a note to get herself a med kit and some first aid training if she's going to intervene in active scenes. Once she's certain the woman isn't dying, and can get out on her own, she moves on.

She only cares for those caught in the crossfire. In this, she is an avenging angel. She runs aggressively through the facility, ducking behind cover any time an AIM soldier shoots at her, and changing her position occasionally to throw off their attacks. She is careful not to jump too quickly, letting her sense of spatial positioning stay well within 'grounded', careful never to disorient herself. But she appears behind unexpected angles of the building, breaks down doors, shatters windows, and shoots any AIM soldiers who get too near to innocents. It's not always a kill shot. Sometimes she shoots their knees, or shoulders, but sometimes it's their chest, or their heads. She is 'servicing' any AIM soldiers stupid enough to not run after the heroes, when she runs out of ammo.

Rather than reload, she just uses the gun as a bludgeon, hitting an AIM soldier with it in his face, then, as he reels, she steals his gun and shoots him with it. "Lasers. They have laser rifles." She notes, surprised, as she begins moving around, trying to steal a few of the high tech weapons to stash in her pockets, before pausing to reach into one of her shimmering pockets of twisted space, and pull out another pistol, and continuing her crusade to ensure the scientists are all getting out of the building as safe as they can be, caught in this Chaos.

James Rhodes has posed:
The sensor suite embedded within the War Machine armor works overtime to process all the various data being continually fed into it, whether via the viedo receptors that inform the HUD within his helmet, or the various audio and other arrays scattered throughout the armor. Altogether, it starts to build up a picture, one that he can send to those with the suitable technology.

A sort of real time map of the ongoing situation within the compound itself.

A brief nod is tossed to T'Challa as he streams in to draw the injured man out of harm and his voice cuts across the comm once more as Camille breaks in with her offer for assistance. << Panther has pulled him back towards the entrance and out of the immediate fray. I'm going to go... >> he begins as that sensor suite offers him a good sense of just where AIM's attention is focused. But before he can start to move in that direction he is suddenly confronted.

The average AIM solider might be deterred in confronting War Machine directly, what with that bristling array of high impact weaponry that can pretty much shread any cover they are likely to find inside. But none of them have been magically imbued with a whole lot of strength and near invulnerability.

Piledriver has.

As the unlikely figure in white and red barrels into War Machine, Rhodey gives a quiet grunt, driven back a half dozen steps before those repulsors scattered across the surface of his armor engage and bring that momentum to a halt. Technology meets enchantment -- and for the moment at least technology holds his own.

Armored hands come up, grabbing at Piledriver's wrists as the hulking man seeks to bring them crashing down onto that silver-grey armor of the War Machine suit and servos audibly grind at the strain of holding the attack back.

"Bit of a handful, aren't you?" Rhodey grunts, his voice electronically filtered through the faceplate of his armor. "Let's see how you do without any leverage to help back you up," he adds.

And with that the repulsors in those armored boots suddenly flare to life, sending the two of them shooting upward towards the ceiling above. War Machine shifts his grip on the other man, just enough so that he takes the blunt of the impact as they slam into the roof. For just a moment their momentum comes to an abrupt stop before repulsor pads flare bright once more and send them crashing through the roof entirely, up into the sky above the complex.

T'Challa has posed:
Once the scientist is secure and safe, Black Panther is back up on his feet. There's been a lot of movement and a lot of impacts and a lot of energy that's been gathered up in the suit that's glowing purple in a manner similar to that of something that looks like its ready to explode. The way it almost seems to hum and flicker may have a bit of an intimidating tone to things if some of these AIM troopers are that weak willed. Which could be something that Black Panther is counting on to keep them in retreat mode. The more they back up the closer to the labs the heroes can get.

When the electric clubs come out and they start getting smacked into him, Black Panther seems to decide that now is probably a good enough opportunity to unleash the energy that's been stored up inside that suit. He remains crouched for a moment of beating -- long enough to allow enough troops to gather around for this to be effective. Black Panther rises out of his crouched position with an extra bit of strength... followed by a concussive shockwave to scatter AIM Bots (hah) all over the ceiling and the walls.

Logan Howlett has posed:
'Dozer charges at Logan and hurls attempts to slam his armored forehead into the mutant, but it'll be a cold day in Wakanda before he's just going to stand there and get manhandled by wish.com Juggernaut. Logan dives forward, launching himself beneath the thrown section of wall, and betwixt the Asgardian imbued nerdowell. The projectile hits the wall where Logan had been, creating a nice step ladder of brick and mortor.

Which Wolverine steps upon and launches, twisting in the air to avoid a swatting hand, which still catches his out stretched arm attempting to stab his claws into the brutes shoulders. 'Dozer hurls Logan away, a rag-doll of brown and orange smashes into the side of a truck hard enough to rock it up two wheels. Logan comes down onto his hands and knees, shakes his head to clear the cobwebs, and catches a boot in the guts that sends him over the truck. He's rolling another three feet when he lands on the other side. Hand on his flank, grimacing. Healing quickly doesn't mean that this sh*t doesn't hurt.

He's just not a punk.

And is already pushing back up. <"Stay down."> Boot between his shoulders, shoving him into the concrete. Dozer moves his foot, reaches down and grabs Logan, and brings him up by the torn & tattered costume on his chest. Close enough to stare at the Wolverine.

Then headbutt the sh*t out of him.

Richard Stadler has posed:
Stadler breaches the building, entering through the front door with... well, okay, Black Panther. He's seen him in the news... had he fought along side him before? All of these missions seemed to be blurring together. Which was never a good sign, in his estimation. Kind of like how AIM troopers approching decided to bring out melee weapons to what should have been a gun fight. And with a silent curse, Rick realized that he might actually have to follow his own advice at not shooting things in this lab. AIM /could/ just be going for aesthetics, but the last thing he needed to realize a split second before some explosion from some pierced hydrazine tank engulfed him was how wrong he had been.

And boy, that 21 foot rule really made sense here. They were moving forward, and it left Rick precious little time to grab the bayonet at his webbing, bring the rifle up, and fix it to the front in a quick and practiced motion... archaic though it may be. And he had just enough time to /slam/ the butt of the rifle aganist an AIM trooper's throat, before flipping it around and bringing the bayonet down across another's upper chest.

Unlike the Black Panther, Rick couldn't afford to get hit. Once, he might come back from, but a second would leave him on the floor. It using the rifle's reach to his advantage... and making sure who he hit didn't get up.

Camille Russo has posed:
<< 10-4. >> Camille worries less about that scientist then, and dives into the fray of AIM soldiers, picking them off until her clip is empty. There's a small cluster of scientists nearby and her gun is exchanged for the sharpie, reaching out and scribbling those protective runes onto the shoulder of every white coat she meets. Well, the ones that don't try to punch her, at least. They all get a nudge away from the hottest part of combat as she does. "Go, stay low, get out of the building and into the woods!" Her call out mostly gets nods, and she guards their path until they're out of sight.
Clea has posed:
<<Right behind you.>> Clea states in response to Winter across the comms. And well, she did follow the collapse down the rabbit hole sort of. Which puts her in the midst of a bunch of scheming chuckle heads.

Generally this is where other heroes find something witty to say, but Clea launches into motion, her hands moving to form spells to put between the big guys and what they are going after. Sorry boys!

Steve Rogers has posed:
In the hallway, Panther and Rich Stadler engage the AIM troops. Panther sends a half dozen of them flying with that concusssive blast of his Panther habit's stored energy releasing. An AIM solder advances on Rick with an electrified sword, stabbing it forward to impale the SHIELD operative. Camille guns down a few more as they move to get the drop on Rick from a side hallway, covering her fellow agent. Though another AIM soldier spots her and opens fire with weird gun that show glowing black goop that starts to melt through anything it hits!

Silana finds plenty of wounded people, both civilians and AIM. A lot of the facility's staff are hiding rather than running, after all those sounds of gunfire around the building.

There are also some pretty clear signs, from pictures of President Luthor in offices of higher ups, to emblems on the walls and even in the flooring, that this is a government lab.

Thunderball looks up in time to get a goop grenade in his face. As Natasha surmised, it slows him down for a few seconds, pulling it free, but his strength is enough that soon he's scraping it off. He goes for more of the objects in the rack, only to find that Clea has surrounded it with some kind of magical barrier. He punches it but it holds. Punches again and it still holds.

"We might need to evacuate, boss," he calls.

Wrecker sees the grenade lofted his way. He swings his crowbar like a batter at the plate, and knocks the grenade for a home run. It detonates in a corner up near the ceiling, the goop just sticking to the walls harmless.

AIM soldiers start firing at everyone. Unlike Bucky, they aren't thinking about what might or might not get shot. Which turns out to be a problem. One spins towards Clea as she glides down, firing but missing her. The errant laser beam hits that big gamma reactor that Thunderball wanted. Sparks fly and a rent is left in the device. Acrid smoke pours out of it, and occasional green sparks snap about between it and metal that is nearby.

A shield comes flying in a red, white and blue blur, taking out one AIM shoulder, ricocheting off another, and then bouncing back to where Captain America snatches it out of the air. "How many crazy science labs have we been in now, Bucky?" he asks as he moves to stand shoulder to shoulder with his best friend and ally.

Which also makes them a good target for Wrecker. He runs at them, swinging his crowbar. Steve gets his shield up in time to take the blow for both of them, but Cap and Bucky are sent flying into the wall so hard they crash through it.

On the other side of the wall is another lab. This one has different equipment. No gamma reactor. A bunch of computers though, and in the middle is frame that clearly was made to hold a man, with half-shells on either side that likely close around it. Rather than sleek and modern, there's an aged feel to the device's design aesthetic. No signs of anyone, lab techs nor AIM troops. But the hole in the wall is an easy way back to the fight as Cap climbs back to his feet and looks around.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
There's chaos over as Natasha Romanova goes to swear to herself as she moves to drop a series of smoke grenades. Then she's darting over towards the reactor and going to take ot a small toolkit. Several smoke grenades are dropped about her as she goes to take her optic visuals to switch it over to ultravolet from infrared. Then she's going to quickly call up whatever SHIELD has in it's documentation about emergency shutdowns of reactors of this scale. She's trained for this sort of protocol - well, nto EXACTLY this sort of protocol.

It can't be that many layers of difference from Three Mile Island or Chernobyl, can it? Then with the SHIELD documentation in place and hopefully if he's available perhpas even Fitz on the line.. It's time to put through what best she can do to handle this in case one of the proper techs can't get to her. <<Working on stabilizing the reactor. Panther, are you available?>>

Kid Devil has posed:
Kid Devil briefly considers getting involved with the Big Guys over there, right up until the moment he sees one of those famous armored-suit dudes getting nearly mauled. "Nnnnewp," Eddie decides. He's durable, but maybe not *that* durable. As far as he knows.
So he turns his attention to the mooks instead, charging at them and working to cut or melt any cables they might want to use to exfiltrate their stolen loot. "That's not yours!" he yells at one as he slaps a drive out of her hands. Then another, trying to make off with an ore sample. "That, either! Learn to make your own things, it's not that hard!" He vanishes in a fiery blip, appearing in front of another AIM goon, from whom he yoinks a handheld device. "Like this one, all it takes is getting the receiver arrays lined up so you can properly locate the muons in four-d space. Right here, and right there. Lazy jerks!" He's so offended by their boorish behavior he grabs one by the wrist and hauls them around to fling at another, sending the pair of tangled AIM minions colliding into a wall. Eddie winces then and lets out a slight hiss. "Oop, maybe a little too hard on that one. Sorry!"
James Barnes has posed:
If there is /one/ person in the entire world that can melt the ice that is Winter, it's Steve. The question actually earns Steve a lopsided grin and a brief moment of a sparkle of warmth in this icy blues. "I dunno around two hundred and -" But his joking walk down memory lane with his til the end of the line' is cut short when the two friends are tossed out of the room - and into the next.


Blood pumping with super serum doesn't make that hurt any less either. As he's struggling his way out of wall rubble, he calls out, "Steve?!" - not Cap, no, the man will /always/ be Steve, or Steven, to Bucky. "You good?" He pushes himself to his feet finally, does a quick sweep of the room and adds, "Hey, Steven, what the hell's that?" He gestures toward some weird ass science and tech sh*t that's about as foreign to him as ordering a capalapachinotrippledippeddoublewhipnofoam coffee from Star Bucks.

There isn't much time to ponder the discovery or his question to Steve. With nothing but a nod of his head in 'that direction' and another flash of a grin, Bucky 'asks', 'Ready, Buddy'?

James Rhodes has posed:
Up in the skies above the facility proper, War Machine continues his battle with Piledriver.

As surmissed, without a means of flying himself the husky member of the Wrecking Crew isn't quite as able to bring that formidable strength to bear, making it just a little easier for Rhodey to deal with him. Each time the man tries to jerk free of that armored grip, those electronic servos whirl audibly once more and Warm Machine's grip on the man tightens.

On the Heads Up Display within that helmet a scroll of information streams by and Stark's security head does his best to take in what he can -- registering first that slow but consistent energy emission from down below as well as the information on the Avenger's main frame in regards to Piledriver's capabilities.

<< Heads up. I'm getting readings on gamma energy leakage from below. Odds on that might have something to do with what AIM is after. Trying to narrow the sensor bands to fix on the hone in on the source. Sending realtime updates to your mapping imagers >> Rhodey says, a slight distracted note to his vocie.

Understandable, given that he is trying to keep a super strong criminal from pummelling him.

Finally grunting as he loses that grip one one of the hands he's trying to tie up, Warm Machine's head rocks back as Piledriver gets off a solid blow. The image on the HUB before him flickers and a chime sounds as the message --HELMET INTEGRITY REDUCED TO FORTY-EIGHT PERCENT-- flashes before his eyes.

At least it does when the brief flash that crosses them fades.

Aware that the man can take it, the War Machine begins to spin, gathering momentum. His grip slips to just one of Piledriver's arms, whirling him about until finally letting him go, hurling him towards the ground below.

"Happy landings."

The landing probably won't be happy. Even for someone with supernatural durability.

Silana Kines has posed:
"This building is not safe. You need to evacuate. You cannot shelter in place." She says, as she rushes through an office, and opens up the window for those sheltering inside. "Supers are fighting outside, and you will be caught in the collateral if.." A boom shakes the building as War Machine goes through the roof, and others continue the fight in the main lab. "When, they bring the building down. Get out. Run for the woods. You all should have evac points. Go, go, I'll get everyone out that I can."

Silana repeats herself again and again, as she moves like a ghost, slipping around a combatant that swings a sparking sword at her, and shooting him in the back, before running to another doorway, and repeating again, "You have to evacuate. Supers are fighting in the building..." The thumps of gunfire continue. Silana knocks open another window, "Fly, you fools."

Camille Russo has posed:
Camille drops to the ground as the glowing goop gets shot at her, belly crawling down the hallway and away from being melted like she's back in basic and trying to get first shift in the showers. Some of it lands on her tac vest, and the smell of melting tech has her hastily yanking one of the knives at her hip free and cutting her way out of it, not willing to bet her skin - or protective runes - against something like that just yet. As an errant drop starts to eat a hole in her shirt, she knows she's made the correct call.

The lack of vest means her bullets have become an even more limited commodity, so she keeps her gun holstered for now, knife in hand while she does a crouching crab walk down the hall. Most of the doors are open, empty of people, and she's making her way towards the continuing sounds of fighting when she sees Piledriver launched towards the ground.

It's an excellent use of centrifugal force. Camille wants to pause and admire the sight, but a bullet embedding itself into the wall next to her head has her turning instead.

T'Challa has posed:
Getting inside is pretty easy now that things are a bit more clearer. But for the catlike style and grace of Black Panther, there's some wall clawing and leaping to get inside. There is dodging and swiping and ducking to make sure that he's getting to where he's going. When his Kimoyo system pings him with some warnings about some things nearby.

There's probably a frown beneath that mask that has T'Challa changing his course and his focus. It stops being about putting soldiers down and engaging in combat and becomes so much more about effective traversal to get over towards that reactor.

If the key to this entire thing is to protect innocent and civilian lives then checking out potentially dangerous Kimoyo warnings becomes the top priority.

If any AIM people get too close, they can get a Panther Kick for their troubles.

Richard Stadler has posed:
Swords? Electrified swords? Who the hell came up with a weapon like that? As if guns didn't exist? Granted, it didn't help that Stadler had decided to meet the sword on it's terms, and it was a miracle he was able to catch the blade between the trigger guard and the clip, moving to grip and tear it away. It put both of them in a bad position, enough so Rick had to make a quick decision to grab for his pistol in his off hand, snap drawing it and firing three quick rounds more or less into the gut of the person in front of him.

There were a few more people coming forward, but Camille's fire seems to take care of them. "Watch the fire, Air Force!" He yells through the face-obscuring M50, holstering the weapon and reaching back for the rifle. "We don't exactly know what's here to be shot, and I'd rather not hit anything errant. Keep to the knife if you can. Watch my back, I'll watch yours."

A slight beep has Rick scrambling for a device in the webbing, pulling it out, and pressing the button on the side, before grimacing. <<Folks, I'm getting more Sieverts than I should here. Some of you have those fancy suits, but some of you don't even have masks. We need to wrap this up>>

Logan Howlett has posed:
'Dozers head collids with Logan's face with enough impact it would definitely have shattered a normal persons skull. His head snaps back and for a spell, he's seeing stars. Tossed aside in a heap on the ground where he tries, and fails, to push himself up to his hands and knees. While Dozer is off to find another victim. Figuring that, even if he hasn't killed the Wolverine, he's taught him a thing or two about 'puttin' some 'spec on his name' Brrrrrrrrrrr...

What he does not know is that Logan puts 'spec on nobody's name.

All Bulldozer has really done is change Logan's opinion on 'no kill March'. Claws extend, stab into the ground for stability, and work an anchor to push himself up onto his feet. Bulldozer already rushing back inside the facility to kick someone elses ass. Throwing things about, making a mess, because Wrecking Crew not Structural Integrity Crew. That pillar, f*ck that pillar specifically. He headbutts it. Boom, get wrecked.

Until a tiny Canadian leaps down from the high ground, from which all victories are won, onto Bulldozer's back. Claws stabbing right through the back of his shoulders. Over and over. He can take it, he's got Asgardian upgrades, right? Stocky legs flailing side to side as Bulldozer spins in circles trying to grab the dust covered mutant latched onto his shoulders, dug in, like a god damn Tick.

Stab stab stab.


Stab stab, snarl, stab.


Logan coils up, feet beneath him in the small of Bulldozer's back, claws in his shoulders. Stirring his big ass like an Asgardian powered steed through walls. Dozer tries to slam his back into a wall, but Logan crawls around his side. Stab stab stab. <"JESUS CHRIST I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS!"> All good things must come to an end, however. A backhand sends Wolverine sailing, smacking against some, probably very, expensive equipment.

Collateral damage is hella important in combat.

Clea has posed:
Clea's not too worried about radiation exposure for herself, but for her teammates that's another story. <<We'll try to wrap this up quicker and get people evac'd properly.>> she states on the comms. This is all while the Faltine is picking up a piece of rebar with a hunk of concrete still attached to it to swing at one of the goons to send them flying. Then she's hearing the call for help from someone getting mauled by Wolverine and there is a bit of a shrug, "That sounds painful." the white haired woman whispers.
Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Rogers gives a slight groan from taking the corner of a table to a rib after they went through the wall. He dusts himself off, and then grows still as he looks over at the contraption that Bucky asks him about.

"It's a Vitaray machine, Bucky," Steve says in a voice that has gone somber. "And I haven't seen one since Dr. Erskine's lab. In 1943." Even the sounds of battle coming from the room next door can't tear Steve's eyes away from the machine that is so much a part of his past.

Not for a few moments, but it doesn't take long before he snaps out of it. "Yeah, ready. Let's get back in the fight," Steve says, heading back through the hole in the wall.

Silana is getting people out, but there's so many. The building has a large staff, and most of them sheltered in place. But she has a good start on it.

Piledriver crashes into the ground as War Machine flies triumphantly overhead. This is no doubt going to be -such- a better story than dropping the tank at the presidential palace.

Camille and Richard Stadler are showing the mettle of SHIELD agents as they battle the remaining soldiers. Soldiers that are growing fewer with each passing minute. Clea bashes down one of the AIM soldiers who is about to open fire on her.

Wrecker yells, "Alright, retreat! Fallback with everything we can!" THey don't get the fabricator with Kid Devil having melted through the harness that was attached to it.

But AIM soldiers run over beneath the hole, hitting those devices on their belts and jumping. It's like gravity is suddenly a fraction for them, allowing them to jump through the hole and onto the roof.

The fire from the AIM soldiers is diminishing as more and more of them flee. Wrecker moves over and grabs hold of Thunderball, tossing him up through the air and out of the hole onto the roof.

"Wish we had more time to stick around kick your butts, Avengers," Wrecker says, swinging his crowbar to send a lab table hurtling towards Cap and Bucky to distract them, then another swing does the same to send more heavy furniture towards Camille and Richard. "But I have a payday to go to." He leaps, jumping up out of the hole and to the roof.

Steve Rogers assesses the situation as he reenters the main lab. Natasha is finding this reactor isn't something SHIELD has any kind of plans or information on, definitely cutting edge technology.

T'Challa meanwhile is near enough that the smell alone would be enough to worry him. Few people outside of Wakanda realize the monarch is one of the finest physicists on the planet. As Steve sees the number of zaps of green-tinged electricity arcing out of the reactor grow, he calls over to Nat and T'Challa on comms.

<< There's a lot of civilians in here still and that reactor doesn't look good, >> Steve sends over the comms. << T'Challa, do you think you can shut it down? >>

James Barnes has posed:
"f*ck," Bucky murmurs when Steve gives him the answer. He'll put a dollar in the swear-jar later, bud, promise. But for now there's fighting to get back to - or a table to smash? It may be a distraction, but the table certainly isn't a hinderance. The thing's shattered by Bucky's fist the second it's close enough.

Every single ounce of him wants to give chase, every fiber of his being vibrates with the need to finish those bastards. He clenches that metal fist at his side and clenches his jaw, each warring against the other in which might crack first.

But... Steve and civilians and how Steve might look at him if he didn't put those civilians first. His teeth are still clenched when he says, "I guess we need to go get people out of here, yeah?"

It was not that long ago that he would have given chase anyway.

Progress, it comes with the small steps.

"C'mon, lets go be heroes or something," he chides along with that grin that casts memories back to better times and younger years. Those happy moments before Winter chilled Bucky's heart and soul.

He waits for Steve to lead the way, even offers an 'after you' gesture.

Silana Kines has posed:
Silana doesn't know yet, how right she is about the failures of the Super (villain or otherwise) community to approach things in a safe, sane manner that don't end in explosions of gamma reactors, falling buildings, or other such 'accidents'. But, she has faith that in this chaos, it's a matter of time, and a deep desire to mitigate the failures of those who put the 'fight' in 'crime fighters'. The thump and shake of Piledriver hitting the ground has her speeding up, "COME ON FOLKS. It's time to GO! This building is UNSAFE and must be EVACUATED NOW!" she says more urgently, pretty sure that the building is another...

Oh, yeah. That pillar that Bulldozer goes through is certainly not great for structural stability, and it makes the building shake, as Silana shifts to catch falling debris, slipping it out of the way of where it was going to hit someone who'd just decided to flee, settling it gently on top of a table, a basketball sized chunk of stone clunking on the table as she shoves the scientist out.

"COME ON, MOVE MOVE MOVE!" her exhortations for the evacuation become more urgent, as more and more of AIM are fleeing the building, opening up the space for the scientists to get out.

T'Challa has posed:
T'Challa's head tilts as he regards the reactor. He's focused on it and his Kimoyo systems are doing what they can to help him check things out. There's a whole set of visuals and numbers on the inside of his display and he ignores whatever potential threats may be nearby. There are more important threats happening right now.

"Captain." Finally, T'Challa's voice comes through those comms. He's been silent this whole time. That must mean there's something important that Captain America needs to know. "The reactor's going critical." While he speaks, the Black Panther is moving around said reactor as if he's trying to spot a solution that isn't there. "I do not think I can stop it..."

This is where the dramatic cinematic pause goes.

"But I'm going to try."

Wait, is Black Panther going to have to smack a reactor?!

Kid Devil has posed:
<< Gamma energy?! >> Kid Devil echoes, incredulous. Then, as he thinks about it, he realizes he's not even sure what that will do to him. He makes a mental note: gamma research. Because what could *possibly* go wrong with that? It's worked out great for everyone else.
He leaps and twirls amidst more mooks, using his tail to swat them or their ill-gotten stuff. He yanks open a flaming portal, the view through the churning flames a serene vista over the nearby river. Some ducks paddling nearby. A fishing boat drifting along in the distance. It's a lovely counterpoint to the chaos of the brawl.
Then Kid Devil kicks one of the AIM goons through the firehole, waiting one... two... three full seconds before the splash.
With the baddies bailing, Eddie perks up at what he hears over the comms. << Reactor? >>
Even over the radio he has all the enthusiasm of a normal kid being offered a trip to an amusem*nt park. << Pressurized water? Molten salt? No, probably not, otherwise it wouldn't be exploding. What're they using for control elements? Coolants? What's our criticality threshold? >>
The devil boy wheels around to find The Reactor and blips across the lab to start examining any readouts he can get his eyes on. Every second counts!
Natasha Romanoff has posed:
There's a pause from Natasha as she hears the command given. She's not particularly happy with it as the AIM soldiers vanish, and she's busy working over with the reactor - but all for naught it seems. She turns over to T'Challa, going to the side to let him take over on the device.

Staying there to assist him as best she can, even if just giving him covering fire in the event there are more AIM troopers or Wrecking Crew members attacking.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Thinking he's back on the front leg, Bulldozer crashes through some more support beams towards Logan laid up against a smashed console. Big guy is winged, though. Bleeding. Don't care how strong a dude is, Logan's a hunter and he knows how to take down prey. Where 'Dozer had been quick, snappy, with his punches, now he's lobbing his fists wide and sloppy. Easy to dodge. Logan ducks, slashes his claws across the inside of the Wreckers thigh, and rolls between his legs to slash the back of the other.

Not many people can let someone tire themselves out by letting them kick their ass.

Best at what he does.

Bulldozer swings his fist backwards and comes nowhere close to hitting the small mutant, who really doesn't even have to dodge anymore. He's snarling, dancing in and out of the shadows like a predator stalking a wounded animal. "RAAAAAAA" Small, furious, he leaps out of the wreckage of a caved in ceiling and stabs claws into the big man's shoulder. It tugs him around and sends him flying with the weight shifting his center of gravity so that Logan can... well it isn't judo, but it's still a throw. armored head hits reenforced bar.

And Logan's already on him, fists up beneath his chin with the claws retracted. Fanged teeth behind snarling lips inches from his face. Lips quivering. Little snarly saliva foam popping saliva foam bubbles. Daring him to move. He doesn't. But he is breathing.


Logan stands up and rolls his shoulders, popping, creaking, old person noises. Then sniffs the air... Why does it suddenly smell like Hulk in here? Sniff sniff... He glances around until he's picked up the scent of Gamma radiation. "Great." He steps over Bulldozer, reaches down and grabs his foot, and starts dragging him out of the building. "Osha is gonna be pissed."

James Rhodes has posed:
As a general rule air superiority alone isn't going to win any wars. Boots on the ground mean a lot.

But all things considered, having the advantage in the skies is a pretty big deal and conveniently, that just so happens to be where Rhodey valready finds himself. With Piledriver an unpleasant little memory, laying in the cratered ground down below, the War Machine can turn his attention to all of those lovely little targts that are appearing on his HUD as they leap up through the holes in the roof below.

One the opposite shoulder to the mounted chain gun a little compartment suddenly opens up, popping out from the armored housing and positively bristling with darts. Rockets might be a little more impactful, but these missions perameters also would make them a decided note of overkill.

The right tools for the right jobs. Rhodey's military mindset appreciates that.

As targeting reticles begins to appear on that display within his helmet, War Machine gives the AI targetting system in his armor a moment to compile the data, to take in the conditions -- the windspeed, the velocity of his targets and all the little variables that can make such a huge difference. Then with a rapid-fire set of little hisses those darts begin to launch themselves at high speeds to the many and varied targets below, spiralling downward towards the yellow-suited AIM operatives, the tranq darts tearing through those jump suits as often as not to deliver their sedative loads directly into the blood stream.

"Watch out below," Rhodey murmurs quietly to himself, words still distorted by that steely face plate. "Oh, I guess you probably didn't hear that. Too bad for you."

Camille Russo has posed:
Camille isn't dressed for radiation, and even if she was she thinks it's unlikely that she'd reach the reactor in time to do much of anything about it. Not that she's sure her runes would contain any sort of reaction, but she thinks they could hold back a leak, maybe even start to repair it... and it's the last thing she thinks too, as heavy furniture comes hurtling towards her and Stadler. Knives and guns are going to be useless against that, but her runes...

She drops again, and her knees are probably going to be black and blue in the morning but as long as they're alive at the end that is just fine with her. She bleeding sluggishly from... she doesn't know what, doesn't care, but she's swiping her finger through it and painting runes on the ground. "Down, Down!" she barks out in Rich's direction, reaching out and grabbing his ankle to pull him into the little bit of space she's managed to make. Words stream from her mouth, almost incomprehensible bits of French mixed with Spanish, the occasional English, all weaved around a steady stream of Creole.

She wobbles at the end of it, but a faintly buzzing shield pops up between the two of them and the flying furniture, and she hopes it's at least enough to take the brunt of it. With the blood, it should be.

Clea has posed:
With the magical warding having done it's job for the moment there is another task that Clea turns to...

...Getting people out alive...

She starts porting willing people to safe zones close to where there are teams already setting up. Logan is one of those that gets ported. It saves him dragging that big old sack of meat around for a long time. <<Evacuating now!>> she calls over the comms.

Richard Stadler has posed:
Who is dresses for radiation? Even Rick's gear was only set up for the various alpha particles, the things that required a few more layers to keep off the epidermus. /Gamma/ radiation? It would kill them quickly and leave them to live through the body's rot. It might mean that Stadler's a bit more preoccuied than he should be, when the furniture starts flying at them, he isn't able to pull himself out of hharms way, not in the time he had avalible. It meant survival was keeping in the buzzing shield as GSA-approved wood and fabric and metal smacked aganist it, before her peered back slightly to Camille. "Remind me to ask you what the hell you just did. Magic. Never going to understand it." He says, looking down at the Runes she had quickly drawn on the ground. Surely, there was a method to it...

Another beep, and then a check, and then it's his turn to grab on to Camille's shoulder roughly to pull her out of the alcove. "OKay, that amount means /go/. Run, get to the exit, keep running, and don't stop for three blocks!"

Rick would have thrown something, some... theremite or CS gas behind them to cover their escape, but there were still too many people here, workers and agents alike. No, there was only one thing to do, and it was run.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Rogers hears the verdict from T'Challa on the viability of stopping the reactor's decline towards critical status. He turns and looks back at the hole into the lab where the Vitaray Machine is. Pausing only a moment before he looks back.

<< No T'Chall, it isn't worth the risk. The mission now is to evacuate everyone we can. Civilians, downed AIM personnel, get as many out alive as we can. There is some distance to the buildings next door, hopefully they are far enough way they will be ok, >> Steve says.

He nods towards Bucky. "Let's go save some lives," he says. And then he's suiting his words, running forward and down the hallways. "Out of the offices! Evacuate the building now! The reactor is going critical!" he calls. Getting people moving. Guiding people down the hallways that are safe from gunfire now.

Steve picks up a downed AIM shoulder, slinging him in a fireman's carry as he works his way through the building, herding people out. Even breaking out windows with his shield so they can climb out and run more easily.

They don't have long before the reactor is going to blow. Who can say just how big of a blast it will be.

The AIM soldiers who escaped the building and didn't get darted by James Rhodes get back to the AIM vehicles. The three pods lift off, flying off in different directions. Wrecker and Thunderball made it into one, though Piledriver and Bulldozer have been captured. Shields form around the flying high tech devices to help protect their escape, and soon there are not 3 but 9 of the vehicles visible, weaving around each other in confusing patterns as they deploy holographic copies to help draw any fire.

Kid Devil has posed:
Kid Devil works the reactor's console with probably surprising aplomb, moving with a precision that at least suggests he's not simply mashing random buttons. He weaves around Black Panther to examine the situation from other angles, or works with him to produce more readouts. "It looks like *something* damaged the mechanisms for the control rods," he says without assigning blame.
But it was probably Wolverine.
"The control rod circuits are fused, the neutron flux is rising, and we're about--" He leans over to examine one of the gauges, then waggles a hand in the air. "--five minutes? Give or take, from an excursion event. That's a Bad Thing, just to be clear."
As far as he can tell there's nothing else to do with it; he straightens up and rolls his shoulders. "I *might* be able to flood this whole area with water, but even if I can manage that there's good odds it will end up spraying radioactive steam over the city. If we had some way to encase the whole thing..."
But with other options off the table, Kid Devil instead focuses on portal-ing out as many people as he can to as far as he can get them, before blipping out himself.
Natasha Romanoff has posed:
They could theoretically disarm it. But the chances aren't good. Natasha would be willing to try if need be.. But if they failed here they would die. It is a catastrophe. It is not a crisis. It's only a small reactor - containment of the area should be possible and damage minimal. It won't pollute a city. It's all a question of probability.
Natasha goes to fall back with the others, already uploading what data she saw of what AIM and the Wrecking Crew were after for analysis. And reviewing in her mind just what exactly gamma radiation decontamination procedures are going to be like.
Not fun.
Not fun at all.
James Barnes has posed:
Steve goes one way, Bucky goes the other - but it doesn't mean the two aren't working as a team. They're just covering more ground.

Of course it's only /because/ of Steve that Bucky isn't just telling people to GTFO. Steve - Bucky's moral compass. So he keeps it mostly clean. "C'mon! Go go! Gotta move faster than your granny! Get!" If someone falls on the way out, he picks them up. If there's debris in the way, he moves it. If someone's cowering under something too afraid to move, he damned well moves them.

It isn't until the building is cleared that he hustles his own ass outside.

And, for only the second time through it all, his voice over the comms, <<Steve, you clear?>> Of course he's concerned about everyone else too, really he is, honest. But it's Steve's ass he's used to covering and it's /always/ Steve that has his back.

So it stands to reason that he won't move further toward a rendezvous point until he hears that familiar voice reply.

Of course the seconds between the question and the reply feel like hours.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan wasn't going to get very far dragging Bulldozer out by his leg. Big guys arms stretched out behind him, getting caught on every piece of broken machinary they pass. It was, quite frankly, a hassle. And it very nearly ended before it began. Logan was all for alturism, most of the time, but not at the expense of finding out whether he could out heal reactor explosion.

Thankfully Clea makes it a moot point.

A portal appears and Logan steps through it. No reason to ask where the portal goes. Maybe it leads to Oz? Maybe Narnia. Only one way to find out and he's all for an adventure. He does have to scoop the big bruiser up to lay across his shoulders in a firemans carry, though. How would it look, him dragging some dude bleeding from several dozen stab wounds? "He's alive." To anyone who has questions about the state of his wounded charge.

Whom he drops unceremoniously on the ground.

That he can pull a cigar out from a metal tube tucked behind his belt.

His costume is all torn, from being shot to sh*t and beat to hell. Not that he's got any marks to show for it as he twists the cigar between his lips, bites off the tip, and strikes a match on the callous of his palm to light it. Puff puff. Head tilted back. Lips opening around the stoggie to let smoke curl upwards.


Then he's back out through the portal to help evacuate people. Probably humans who secretly harbor hatred for mutants. Smug as hell as he grabs some ratty haired scientist type and shoves him through the portal. "I should let you get blown the f*ck up, casually out here experimenting with gamma reactors like it's the 1940s. Dumb asses."

Two, three people. All of them get the business end of 'why the f*ck are you playing with radiation' discussion. Whether they acknowledge it or not, whether he understands that there's clean and safe ways to handle these products. Doesn't matter. All he knows is there's about to be an explosion and this part of the country is about to be real unpleasant for vacationing.

Puff puff.

"Human's are f*ckin' stupid."

T'Challa has posed:
The Black Panther hesitates. He would very much not like this reactor to go boom. That is the opposite of what he wants to happen. His eyes narrow behind the mask and he looks for any knobs or switches that may be able to assist with lessening the potentially devastating results.

There's just no time.

"... Falling back." is finally added over the comms with a particular distaste for those words coming out of his mouth. But there is still something he can do. And that's save people and get them out of the blast zone. With catlike grace and speed.

The AIM Soldiers get a little bit rougher treatment during this process though. It's only fair.

James Rhodes has posed:
Like some of those others, Rhodey is in a better position to withstand any high levels of radiation. The War Machine armor can go self sustaining for a time. Though even with all of the Stark Technology reinforcing the structural integrity of the suit he doesn't have the technical and scientific knowledge to make a good guess at how long it would hold up against any large scale gamma radiation release.

And besides, there is no arguing that evacuating the civilians and downed AIM personel is the priority here. Even if they deserved to be irradiated they would probably just come back as new monstrocities to battle. And no one wants that.

So that gleaming suit drops out of the sky in a swift yet controlled descent, sweeping in towards that rooftop where that flurry of tranq darts have left a number of AIM soldiers to be scooped up and carried to safety. Deposited somewhere that the authorities that will surely arrive shortly can take them into custody.

Landing on the rooftop, Rhodey begins to gather up who he can, draping one yellow-suited trooper over his shoulders before starting to heft up others, gripping them under each arm. It isn't truly a heavy load -- not given the specs of the Stark-designed armor. But it is an awkward, unwieldy one and that counts for a lot too.

<<Clearing the rooftop,>> Rhodey reports in, the repulsors flaring much more gently when it is just him alone, making sure that his grip is secure as he begins to edge away before picking up a little speed, making that break to safety with a number of unconscious AIM prisoners in tow.

But even as they assault teams begin to beat a hasty retreat, he keeps that sensor suite peeled back towards the building, taking in readings so that they will have some warning if that reactor truly goes critical.

Camille Russo has posed:
Camille smears a hand through the tacky, dusty mess and wipes it down her hip, nodding at Rich. "Later, yes. I'll tell you everything I know about how mine work." It's not nearly as much as she should know, but the more pop culture someone understands, the easier it is to explain sometimes. With that, she takes off, banging on shut doors and shouting a warning, sticking her head into open rooms with the same warning. She isn't strong enough to force anyone out, but if they're dumb enough to stick around after that there's not much she can do.

"Move it, c'mon, that hazmat suit isn't gonna save your ass from a full melt, let's go!" she snaps at one group, herding them through the doorway and down the hall into open air. "Keep going, you're aiming for the far treeline or the buildings, far as you can run in the next few minutes!"

She keeps behind them most of the way, then diverts to the side to meet up with with her teammates. Aww hell, she's gonna lose her new shoes to the decontamination process.

Silana Kines has posed:
Chaos. Pure, Unwarranted Chaos. Silana had been fighting it this whole time, but when the heroes decide that the building's going up, and start helping with the evac. Silana, for one, ignores the AIM soldiers. They get what's coming to them for this whole stupid, pointless fight. She focuses on getting the scientists out, leading groups out through the chaos, as more and more people are being evacuated, or just fleeing, depending on your perspective.

She shields those she's with from debris, guiding them through the fight torn hallways, and protecting them as best she can. And, once she's gotten everyone she can out... she flees, just like the rest of the heroes, feeling as if she's failed. She's just not strong enough. Not powerful enough to stop these sorts of confrontations that often happen at the worst possible places, with the worst possible results. She needs... more power. She'll find a way to get it. One way or another, people are going to start paying for these sorts of conflicts. She'll make sure of it.

Richard Stadler has posed:
"I'll set up an interview." He huffs, trying to keep up the run as they start moving out. "We'll make a day of it." He says. At least they were teaching the Air Force the proper things when it came to CBRN. Like the importance of just running away from the site as things get worse. He's not checking the dosimeter now. It only had the max to reach, and that wouldn't exactly tell him anything. He did make sure to do the standard yelling, "Get out! Get out /now!/". Hopefully through the vocalizer of a gasmask would add a bit more gravitas to the situation, as he was out the door, and sprinting across the field.
Clea has posed:
Clea evacuates while she is listening to the comms and she races back towards where the reactor is and where T'Challa is, "Do you mind if I cut in, your Majesty?" she gives a grin to the man. "You don't really want to do paperwork on exploding reactors I'm guessing." she adds to him.

She's probably just checking readings or something. Clea gets weird sometimes!

She braces for what needs to be done given they can't stop the explosion, but she can definitely make sure that there is a barrier that will not allow the radiation to leak out into the masses and into the Earth.

One hand is extended towards the reactor, the iridescent flames that are usually hidden licking up her arm and over her form as she starts there in the spellwork first. Then the other is extended towards where the last of the evacuees have headed off to. Forming a magical barrier that is...beyond impressive. It's a lot of magic but when you're a magical battery it helps...but Clea's stores will drain rather rapidly under this, but others will be safe...

Safer? Yes, totally safer than the woman standing next to an exploding reactor!

Steve Rogers has posed:
At first there's no answer to Bucky's hail. But then Steve can be seen, running from the building. An injured scientist over one shoulder and an unconscious AIM soldier over the other.

<< Yes, I'm out. Put as much distance between us and the building as we can, >> Steve sends back over comms. Of course, few people need more urging to get away from a building after the words "reactor" and "critical" were mentioned in the same sentence.

Thankfully it isn't a nuclear fission reactor. It doesn't have anything near the yield. Nor is it going to create nuclear fallout. And it doesn't so much create a gamma ray burst when it goes as just, it goes.

But that explosion?

The building suddenly leaps and erupts in a bright flash of green light. The hardened structure blowing apart like it were made of toothpicks in the face of a hurricane. The force is intense, but the magical barriers that Clea erects around the building contain the worst of it. Even the windows of the adjacent buildings are mostly spared being blown out by the resulting blast wave, only a few cracking here and there.

There isn't much of a mushroom cloud after. Just some smoke and dust rising in a pillar. The heroes with sensors can tell the gamma ray release was not something that should be harmful to anyone in the area.

Captain America sinks down to the ground and lets out a breath. He looks over at Logan tiredly. "You should come around more often," he offers to the Howling Commando before Steve breaks out in a tired grin.

What a day.

James Barnes has posed:
Bucky's booking it with all he's got once he knows Steve's out and clear. He pauses, however, when the boom doesn't go as BOOM as it should and turns to just watch. There's sort of a beauty in it - the sheer destruction that it could have been. Eventually he turns around and makes his way toward Steve and Logan. He settles on the ground next to Steve and finally finishes, "I'd say about two hundred sixty three by now?"

He looks around Steve to Logan and adds, "You still have a little wall in your hair, or is that just the gray showing itself?"

Just three dudes, barely escaping death by radiation - but bound in a way so few would understand. Brothers in Arms as it were.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan isn't slumping, he's staring. Physically he could probably do this all day, but mentally... well he was drained before he ever showed up. One might even argue that he's checked out. Has been for a while... With his cowboy hat resting on his head, pulled low over his brow, he stares off where there should be a massive mushroom cloud and is glad, at least, to see only smoke and dust rising into the sky. As with his cigar, it coils across the brim of his thread bare hat.

Blue eyes cut towards Steve.

Arms laid across his chest, hands flexing and unflexing at the suggestion of coming around more. Maybe because of Bucky's attempts to tease him. He pulls his hat up and shakes the shaggy hair to send plaster raining around his equally plaster covered face. To sweat. Sweaty plaster face.

"Yer right, Rogers, I should come around more. To get teased by 'you youngsters'." A snort smirk, cigar taken out from between his teeth to point in the direction of 'usetobealab'. "I got a lot of questions." They can wait though. Beer first.

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